Victoria Bloomberg was born in Paris on the 17th of October 1891. Isaac Bloomberg, her father, originally from Poland was a professor at the University and Angel Sabah a stay at home mom from France. On the day of her 23rd birthday the young Victoria saw herself go into a war era. Sadly, her country was about to go into war against Germany. World War I had started during the summer of July, the 28th of 1914 to be more precise. Isaac, her very strict father, put his daughter to work in factories to help soldiers and subtly contribute to the war. Victoria refused and so she found a way to get some fake papers and pass as a man. She was finally able to leave the family cocoon and integrate an infantry regiment without the consent of her parents. She wanted to be on the battlefield so badly. She simply wanted to be even better than those men. Indeed, she would never admit later on that “the image of her mom, a woman in her society didn’t concur with her idea of a woman”.

Unfortunately , the war risks were’nt spared and Victoria entered her family home on the 14th of November 1918 with a scar on her wrist. A lost bullet that hit her on the battlefield. During many years the young girl tried to hide her scar with bracelets and ribbons but it didnt suit her. She then started to grow an interest in the wonderful world of watches. A world that has always put womens aside. The Idea of creating watches was specially to hide her scar. According to the myth, Victoria would’ve hung her pocket watch around her wrist and decided to change the string that was used as a necklass and put a bracelet instead. She then decided to create a workshop in the pantry. With time she was able to acquire a fare knowledge and decided to apply the engineering she learnt about the watche’s movements in the army during the war. Just as Richard Mille (professional engineer) did 90 years later.

Thanks to the small military pension she had collected for four long years, Victoria began to create several collections and then to sell them to watchmaking workshops, the latter were very interested in the creations of the young woman. By the success of these creations and the relationships with customers, in 1922 Victoria decides to open her first store « Place des Vosges » in the French capital. Finally, she decides to open a workshop in Switzerland, and create a true identity to her brand. A watch for women, for strong women, who do not need anyone, and who make their own choices. A watch of successful women who are actually not in the factory but in the battlefield


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