Brand identity and brand image are important to every brand, but especially in the watch market where what brand represents is everything to the customer.

Victoria represents, in the mind of the customer; luxury, success, class, and even a social status. Indeed, the image everybody has in mind when thinking to a Victoria watch is a business woman, independent, strong, confident and competing with men.


Victoria has built his Brand identity by first identifying its key audience; women but not all of them. The brand wanted to mean something for women who were independent and ambitious, so she built her brand persona of a western successful business woman and sent their key message; the brand wants to represent liberation, independence and success as well as luxury and sophistication. This is what makes the uniqueness of the Victoria brand and the values they represent and share. It is the difference between a real brand identity and just a name recognition, it is about sharing the brand values; you can understand the kind of woman you are talking to just by a look at her wrist.


And Victoria did a very good job on developing its identity through the years. A brand identity is never entirely up to a brand but also up to the customers. The customers determine what the brand represents as much as the brand itself. And Victoria understood that and differentiate itself from the other watch brands by a simple but efficient and crucial detail; Victoria’s watches are not watches you offer, it is a watch you buy for yourself. Indeed, a majority of luxury watches are bought by men for women, but that is not the case for the Victoria’s watches; there is an accomplishment desire between it, women are buying a Victoria because they feel they deserve it. And it made the difference. The identity of the brand was built on that independence of women, and its customers helped to build it.


Today, that brand identity is strong enough to make you picture a business woman just by saying the word “Victoria”.


Kapferer Prism


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