Luxury brands are relative newcomers to social media, this media was considered irrelevant as it allegedly did not concern their target audience. It’s not the case anymore, all the major players in the luxury market are now present on these platforms and “Victoria” makes no exception. The development of our brand image and brand perception depends on this new form of communication.

The first step in our communication strategy is to select carefully which platform we are using. We decided to focus our efforts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to ensure that our content is meticulously crafted and privilege quality over quantity. Through YouTube we have the opportunity to narrate the heritage and history of our brand. We aim to show that our watches are not just accessories but witnesses of the history of the western civilization. These videos include interviews of celebrities linked to the history of “Victoria”, extended versions of Tv ad campaigns and videos of events sponsored by the brand. Video content is an interesting and innovative way of promotion as it highlights perfectly the unique and exclusive nature of our products.

On Facebook our own page permits us to further develop the storytelling of “Victoria” while also publishing beautiful pictures of our latest products. This platform is also a good media to showcase our YouTube videos and answer particular customer interrogations. On another level Instagram constitutes the perfect media to reach our target – daring successful women – through beautiful content and pertinent written texts elitists enough to be in line with the luxurious image of the brand. For instance we can follow the daily life of our ambassadors (Angelina Jolie and Samantha Davis) for a short period thus showcasing our “Victoria” products in their everyday life.

Delivering stories with the use of such creative tools inspire our customers and followers to tell their own stories the way they want to tell it but with ours in their mind. This is a formidable way to raise the awareness on “Victoria” and to involve the consumer in the development of our brand image.


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