As our British fine watchmaking brand for women promote a string of values including elegance, sophistication, boldness, pioneering spirit, open-mindedness, equity and generosity, it got deeply involved in defending women’s rights and supporting modern art.

In 1990, the brand created the Victoria Foundation For Women which is leading two main projects. The Foundation is actually working closely with the international NGO Plan France to protect girls’ and women’s rights worldwide. Then, with the Worldwide Initiative Awards For Business Women, the Foundation encourages women to launch their business. It consists in rewarding each year three women who would like to become entrepreneurs. The winners get $10 000 bursary, one-year-professional coaching and a media visibility.

Since 2000, the brand has been closely linked to modern art: the Victoria Modern Art Foundation has organized each year in the spring an art gallery composed by work of arts from unknown artists to help them to get renowned. Then, since 2005 the Foundation has also aimed at rewarding patrons who promote new artists, through the Patron of the Arts Award.

It was also essential for us to link Victoria with a feminine sport discipline, which is why since 2010 the brand has become the official partner of the Women Cup, a 100%-female sailing regatta. That sport event enables Victoria to enhance its brand image and culture: sport is also considered as a mean to empower women.

Therefore, we chose two strong women to represent the brand: the renowned actress Angelina Jolie and the British talented sailor Samantha Davies. They are two women with different profiles, but embodying boldness, strength, and generosity, the greatest values of our Maison.


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