Audemars Piguet benefits from a not insignificant help, the brand is often associated with personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay-Z. Sponsoring is a commercial technic widely used by most companies. We also see this, in such sector as Haute couture and luxury in general (Christian Dior, Chanel and so on..)
Audemars Piguet support the British golfer Nick Faldo or also the UBS Switzerland’s boat . In early 2000, the brand has sponsored the Swiss Alinghi crew. On march 2 , 2003 , this team deferred the America’s Cup , Audemars Piguet then created a special watch in honor of this success : The Royal Oak City of Sails . Only 2007 watches have been made by the brand and sold.


A year later the Swiss team wins again. Audemars Piguet then launches the Royal Oak offshore Alinghi Team. This watchmaking company also sponsored big chess celebrities such as Garry Kasparov; the later will become the muse of the manufacture.

In 2005, Audemars Piguet partnered with Maserati. This partnership resulted in the creation of a watch: « the Dual Time Millenary Maserati » , the brand is also a car racing partner such as the Tour Auto , Spa Classic and last but not least the Gstaad .
Some sportsmen will have the chance to be ambassadors of the brand. Lionel Messi for example in 2010 – the latter will even participate in the development of the Royal Oak, which will bear his name. The brand will go even further with the famous American basketball player LeBron James. Sponsorship may have certain aspects much more beneficial as it is the case with Audemars Piguet and the relationship they have with environments. The brand donates the benefits of some of its creation to charities, and it it also has its own foundation that encourages reforestation and nature preservation.

Nathan Lehiany


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