Product placement of watches in movies is not a new method, indeed watches companies began to use it in the 50’s. Today, with the evolution of the marketing, the appearance of watches in movies took a whole different dimension. Watches are not only wore anymore but placed wisely in the scenes or even directly presented to the customers, you can even see it on the movie posters.

As one of the most famous watches’ product placement in cinema we cannot avoid the most famous British spy on the screen; James Bond. In 2006, the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) is presenting in Casino Royal, its new Omega watch which increased drastically the sails of the brand in 2007. Omega has been fighting hard for that product placement against Rolex, and it is understandable when you realize that being in 007 movies is more profitable than being the official supplier of the English royal family.

Of course, other brands are also very present on our screens as well; Tag Heuer is sponsoring the movies Jason Bourne with Matt Damon or also, Hamilton is at the wrist of Will Smith in the movie “I am Legend” and “Men In Black III”.



Hamilton Ventura Chrono H24412732 wore by Will Smith in “Men In Black III”

Today, watches are also created especially for the movies; Hamilton for example created a watch especially for the movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey. And that watch is a crucial element of the movie creating bonds between the father and his daughter.


murph Watch created for the daughter “Murph” (Jessica Chastain) in Interstellar.

The goals of that placement of watches in movies are pretty clear; being seen by a large audience, being seen at the wrist of iconic characters, and selling the dream that “if you wear it, you’ll be closer to that character”, the watches match the personalities of those who wear them. But there is another goal to it; try to build customer loyalty with the actor itself, we can take as examples Matt Damon with his Tag Heuer Link or Leonardo Di Caprio with his Jaeger-Le coulter Memovox. Indeed today, watches’ companies seek more and more to be associate with celebrities outside of the screen as well.

It is more and more important to do the best placement on the screen for the brands, it is at the time a non-negligible aspect of modern marketing even if some brands such as Patek Philippe still refuse to be associate with contemporary celebrities.,85897,horlogerie-etamp-cinema-le-placement-de-produit.html




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