Designed by Hyungsoo Kim and financed by the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the Bradley watch stands out for its design and mechanism. Originally conceived as a watch for blind people – thus entering a non competitive market – the original design enables a “valid user” to have a new kind of a relationship with its watch.

The Bradley Classic

At a time when everyone swears by high-tech watches or smart-watches directly linked with your cellphone, The Bradley offers a new way of measuring time while being at the cutting edge of technology and design. Equipped with two small steel balls and a Swiss quartz movement the watch permits the user to tell the time by touch. The hours are indicated by the ball rotating around the watch face while the minutes are indicated by the steel ball present directly on the watch face (as seen below).

Even if this new brand does not share the glorious heritage of its competitors, there is still a story behind this watch and the opportunity to give the brand a positive image through storytelling. Indeed the name of the watch is dedicated to the double Paralympic gold medalist and former soldier Bradley Snyder. He lost his vision while on patrol in Afghanistan to an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Since then he wanted to regain autonomy in its daily life by any means. Telling the time was one of them. If the original purpose of the watch was to enable the blind to tell the time with simplicity, this watch permits anyone to tell the time with total discretion. It’s seen as impolite to take a look at your watch or at your cellphone while on a meeting for instance. With the Bradley it’s now possible without anyone noticing.

Available in different colors

But apart from being a useful device the Bradley also constitutes a fashion accessory. The engineers and designers of the watch met a large number of blind people whose main concern was “the look of it”. The Bradley is waterproof until 50 meters and exists in different colors to fit different outfits. The bracelet is made up from different materials: leather on the back and cotton on the front making it a perfect accessory for formal wear and everyday use.

Jean Faussemagne

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