When you think about
What do you think about ?

  • . About the new technology, about something new maybe?


  • Yes but go further!


  • Well about, the future..? The time?!


  • Yes!  Again and again “it’s all about time!” and even in watches companies became innovative!


Companies from different areas have had to innovate. Watchmaking has not been spared. Some of those companies that are specialized in new technologies such as Samsung or Apple have developed new generation watches. Apple quickly understood that « the watch » might be an interesting market to focus on.
As the human being became completely dependent toward its smartphones, Apple decided to develop an operating system that could be linked with the customer’s smartphone. Something like a « smart watch ».

Nowadays we can read emails, messages, set an alarm, even checking the weather just on our wrist.

Innovation at Apple is a trademark and we find it in every new version of watch or products that the brand markets every year. Thanks to Apple we can play with the 2 inches screen and our wrist and get all the information we desire without having to take out our phone.

The waterproofing of this small item even allows you to be connected underwater and take pictures up to 50 meters deep, for the most sophisticated models. (1)


The First Apple watch was born on September 9, 2014, and presented at the famous « Keynote ». Apple has marketed several versions in order to make this object even more innovative; there are indeed twelve different bracelets with different colors that you can change as you like. For the more ambitious ones, the brand launched the Apple Watch « Watch edition » which is in 18K gold (yellow or pink gold) .

In September 2016, James Cook introduced the new version of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch series 2. (2)This last, far exceeds these competitors in terms of innovation and performance with a proper waterproof technology (seal) , an integrated GPS , a new professor , a brighter screen and so on .


We can also notice the comments and remarks of some users of these connected watches that put forward more a « gadget » than a true innovation. I personally interviewed some Apple watch’s owners:sans-titre1


Yann Fructuoso From Montpellier City :

«  Hey Nathan , its nice to have , but its not that great as it would expected to be ,it fits fine , it looks alright but personally I don’t use all the options , I mainly use it when I do sport , its more like a sport watch , its more for like a gadget than a proper watch » .



Giulia Metz from Skema Business School :

For me its more a gadget than a proper watch , I can do many things with it , I can pick up a call , check the calendar etc .. At the beginning I wanted to do sport with it, but I realized that the Apple watch was inefficient and a “Garmin” would suit me better as they are connected watches for real sportsmen. I am a real Apple addict so I would buy it again despite the fact that Garmin is better for what I do in my everyday life. However if have had to choose between a Rolex and an Apple watch I would choose the Rolex as the Apple Watch is devaluated through time which is not the case with Rolex, that keeps a certain value over the time. Every year a new Apple watch come out… so.. You see what I am talking about. “

As a matter of fact, Apple has some effort to do, as Customer still tend to look for innovation while keeping the real feeling of a watch. Feeling that has been lost, based on what owners told me about this item. Moreover, the market become more and more competitive in this area, in fact, several watches from other brands such as LG, Samsung might be able to do not run out of battery after 2 days of using which is not the case with the Apple one. Here is a new challenge for the Apple’s brand. Prices goes from 150 to 399 euros, Apple is in the high-end. This did not stop the fans to buy this little gadget , as the brand sold more than 2 millions watches in 2 days at the launched of the “Apple watch series 2”.



(1) http://www.apple.com/fr/apple-watch-series-2/

(2) http://www.europe1.fr/high-tech/apple-watch-que-faut-il-en-penser-2394673

By Nathan Lehiany


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