After years looking for sophistication through writing instruments, Montblanc got into the luxury watch market in 1997, by launching its first handmade Meisterstück timekeeper at the International Fine Watchmaking Exhibition in Geneva. It was a real challenging project for the brand, which was known especially for its fountain pens. In 2008, while Montblanc unveiled its first handmade calibre MB R100, the German company became a model in the world’s fine watchmaking.

Today, Montblanc’s main core of business activities is the manufacturing of both luxury writing instruments and perfect timeless watches. For the creation of the latter, the brand’s craftsmen hold their breath and use their traditional and excellent Swiss know-how. Through these timepieces, they also bring Montblanc’s values out focusing on sophistication, sobriety, elegance and perfection. It is, indeed, essential for the consumers to find the brand identity through the timepiece they purchase. When a consumer purchases a Montblanc watch, he or she aims at getting the German sophistication, the Swiss know-how, and the brand sobriety, elegance, and boldness.

Its brand identity is also embodied by its name and its logo which are the strongest symbols of the brand. Indeed, the later bears the name of the highest mountain in occidental Europe, and its star-shaped logo refers to its six rock glaciers – emblem of excellence.



According to Grant McCraken, a range of meanings is associated to celebrities and popular persons. So, when brands use spokespersons to promote their products, these meanings are thus associated to the products and then to the brand in the customers’ mind. This is why, luxury brands have to look for faces that embody their values and their brand image and identity.

Montblanc is wholeheartedly a masculine brand for business male workers and embody an elegant, chic and smart casual style. Hugh Jackmann, as the ambassador of the brand, has symbolized the Montblanc’s man since 2015. Jérome Lambert, Montblanc’s CEO stated: “We are glad to announce this partnership, and welcome Hugh Jackmann within the Montblanc family. He represents all values and characteristics of the brand: elegant, talented, skilful, pioneer and engaged in art disciplines. He inspires and fascinates the audience worldwide through the quality of its performances”.


Credit: Montblanc Website 


Montblanc identity prism



Although Montblanc is considered today as a new entrant in the fine watchmaking industry compared to other prestigious brands like Omega, IWC, Cartier and so on, its timekeepers have gained an international recognition, combining heritage and sobriety with innovation and precision.

The world at your wrist

In 2015, Montblanc’s watchmakers manufactured a revolutionary wristwatch for travellers: The Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphère limited to eighteen pieces in tribute to Vasco de Gama, one of the twenty century’s greatest explorers. This timepiece is an unprecedented combination of a cylindrical tourbillon and unique triple time zone indication. Then, both half spheres able us to tell the time of the twenty-four time zones and see the changes from day to night all over the world.



Credit: Montblanc Website

The lightness at your wrist

Introducing the new TimeWalker Pythagore UlraLight Concept, in tribute to Lin Dian, Montblanc is pushing once again the frontiers of the fine watchmaking. The brand decided to create a timekeeper dedicated to mal sportsperson and made by technical, resistant, ultra-light and innovating materials. It is one of the lightest timepieces in the world with only 14.88 grams.



Credit: Montblanc Website 

Both technology and handicraft at your wrist

Within an era when digital watches have the wind in their sails, Montblanc is the first luxury brand to develop a both digital and fine watch: The TimeWalker Urban Speed UTC e-Strap. The Maison combined a traditional and mechanical chronograph with an e-Strap having a screen connected to smartphones by Bluetooth. Creating that watch, Montblanc fit with the concept of smart wearable technology.



 Credit: Montblanc Website

These three watches well represent the constant research of innovation from Montblanc, and the intelligence with which the brand manufactures its sophisticated and luxury timepieces to fit with its brand image and identity.







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